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Britt Christian Reformed Church

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GEMS - Britt CRC

The Name GEMS stands for "Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior".

We are delighted to have this opportunity to have your your daughter and her friends join in a faith-based club where relationship building and self-discovery comes in reflection of how God has made us and the community in which we find God has led us.

At the meetings, girls have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Making new friends and being part of a caring small group
  • Getting to know...really know Jesus
  • Singing dynamic praise and worship songs that lift the heart and mind
  • Learning actions and creative movement to songs
  • Studying God's Word the Bible
  • Making crafts and earning badges that encourage the girls and others
  • Doing service projects that really help people
  • Having fun with games

G.E.M.S has been offered to girls across North America for over forty-five years. The goal of each club is to bring girls into a living growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Today there are more than 22,000 girls clubs with over 5,100 women enthusiastically serving as their counselors.

At Present we offer G.E.M.S.' opportunities to girls - 1st through 6th grades.


Girls 1st Grade through 3rd Grade are at the AWARENESS level

Girls participate in organized activities through which friendships naturally begin to develop.  Awareness activities teach about who God is, What does it mean to Share. A study of the basic stories from the Bible. Opportunities to help others (e.g. within the group and then by the group to others). Finally, the girls will spend time focusing on being considerate.

A fun and engaging magazine, called sparkle, is available to early readers through the local GEMS club.  It has age appropriate stories, recipes, crafts, and games filling the pages of this delightful magazine.  WE would love to have your daughter join with us.


Life Long Friendships through GEMS - BrittGirls 4th through 6th Grade are at the DISCOVERY level

Girls being to understand that they can make a difference in the world by using the gifts and talents God has given through them when He brings them into a setting of opportunity or service.  Discovery activities recognize God's work through telling others of Him by Singing and creative movement. The development of skills and talents that may be know but not always sharpened or called upon for use. A deeper learning about God through his Word and World.  And finally participating in meaningful service opportunities locally and within nearby driving distance.

Discovery level girls also receive an award winning monthly magazine called Shine brightly. It too has great stories, quizzes, crafts, Bible lessons/devotions, music and book reviews.  If your daughter is in this age group she will excited to be part of the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus to others.