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Britt Christian Reformed Church

Bringing the Presence & Power of the Almighty God in a personal way


At the heart of all ministries...


stands our desire to bring the presence and power of the Almighty God in a personal way. This does not mean that you will experience something wild or weird; rather you will meet a wild and caring God who dwells within people just like you desiring to show you His grace and wisdom. At the Crossroads Ministries stands committed to people's lives being brought into a personal relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit rather than just a lot of activities and events.  We do have events and activities, but they come secondary to the needs, desires, and caring of the people involved.  We hope you will take some time to look through the links, see how you can give opportunity for us to connect with you in the name of Jesus. 



having a kick with soccer 2013
NCI Soccer Camp (April-May) 



crazy jr high thanksgiving party
Jr. High Creative Turkey Costume - Teambuilding Fun