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Britt Christian Reformed Church

Bringing the Presence & Power of the Almighty God in a personal way

Upcoming Events

The Britt Christian Reformed Church stands willing and ready to serve God’s people locally and internationally. We continue to be blessed in God’s work through many aspects which we then want to share with others. Below are some of the up and coming events, seminars, or ministry opportunities which you may want to attend or join in with to bring “the presence and power of the Almighty God in a personal way”. As you read through click on the links for Register & RSVP or for more information. We look forward to enhancing and enriching the ministry of Jesus Christ in North Central Iowa and through the Web to those wishing for more than just browsing.


At the Crossroads Ministries. 

     * Gain understanding about how we view ministry and the basics
          of our beliefs.  
     * Have a great lunch and conversation with Pastor Joel & Deb  
          along with others just like you. 
     * Investigate more on being a member and part of this Church's  
          missional efforts.

     Our next scheduled time for lunch and conversation is July 17, 2016.
     Click on the date to let us know you plan on attending.  Pastor Joel will get
     in touch with you.