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Sundays: 10:00 am

Sunday School:

Sundays: 11:15 am

Britt Christian Reformed Church

Bringing the Presence & Power of the Almighty God in a personal way


There is power in connecting:

The average person has about 300 people that they stay connected to in various ways throughout any given week.  The purpose of our connecting pages stands out to invite, inform and deepen your connection with us as we learn and share the wonder of God's presence and power.  Please click on the links and see where you might want to be connected with us.  Hope that you will stop by or get in touch with us soon. 


                                    Joining hands for God's Kingdom work        Striving to touch the World with Grace
                                     Connecting with each other                                 Striving to touch the World
                                      to be strengthened                                              with God's Grace

Impacting the Community in which we minister:


Here At the Crossroads Ministries we ask God to continue to give us opportunities for bring His wholeness into people's lives. We want to be in a position with resources and people to bring God's presence into the focus where life and activities naturally happen and where At the Crossroads can quickly arise or find a voice.  If you would like to learn more about our ministries, please look under the ministries tab on our website.


Our Daily Bread:


Click one of the links to read the daily devotional from the Back to God Hour called, Our Daily Bread.  Each month, various authors will challenge you to know the truth from a Scriptural reading and then reflect from their insights on how to apply it for living life to its best.  Below are a number of ways that you can connect to this great resource.  We want to thank the Back To God Hour for the fine work that they do in sharing the Good News of Grace throughout the world.

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