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Sundays: 10:00 am

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Sundays: 11:15 am

Britt Christian Reformed Church

Bringing the Presence & Power of the Almighty God in a personal way


Being a part of a church or faith usually causes people to ask a number of honest questions. Here we invite questions, observations, anything that might cause for engaging discussion and relevant addressing of the issues and changes that arise in living out one’s Christian faith. What is presented below are a number of questions that people have asked in various ways or communicated to us. These questions are updated and revised so that they keep fresh and real. The answers are brief, so if there is a link on the website that can help answer or give a broader explanation, then the link will be tied in for a more complete presentation. 

Question: What makes the Britt Christian Reformed Church unique as people who follow Jesus’ life and teachings?

Answer: Two primary things stand out for us here. First, we recognize the personal nature God calls us to in being dependant on Him and empowered by Him in doing His ministry work. This can be understood in the phrase that says - Bringing the Presence and Power of the Almighty God in a personal way. We are not here to present programs, events, or just to make everyone feel good. Instead we sense God’s hand leading us in all aspects of life and ministry to invite His Presence into the moment of what is taking place. We are then assured that by His Presence, we have all the available resources to transform that moment by His Power whereby we can glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. Second, we have asked God to consistently seek to place us into the moment where people around us are facing a crossroad of faith or life. When people need God’s grace and power the most is when they face a decision that will unfold into the rest of their life. Thus, we have seen that God opens the way for us to become involved and engaged in moments that many people may not look to people of faith for answers or directions, but God places us there so that through listening and praying, being present and willing to speak into the moment, we can see His work and grace being realized and extended. We consistently find that God continues to speak into the moments of people’s lives in and through the simple presence and service we present when at a crossroad. That is why we emphasize not our name or Denomination but the ministry God has called us to do - At the Crossroads Ministry - Britt.

Question: Are you part of a Denomination? 

Answer: Yes, the Church stands with other Churches from the Reformed Worldview know as the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

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Question: If I attend your church some Sunday and Communion or the Lord’s Supper is served can I participate with you?

Answer: If you have made a public expression of your faith, either through confirmation classes, a public statement before a Christian Church, or a public Adult baptism and expression of faith the answer is YES! When you arrive at the Church and see that we are having this Sacrament, if possible please talk briefly with Pastor Joel or an Elder of the Church. If you we are already involved in Worship, please talk to us after the Worship time. 


Questions: What can I expect if I attended a Worship Time at the Church?

Answer: You can expect a few very important things. First, you do not have to dress up or know any formal liturgy or structure of worship. Although these can be helpful, we have found that making room for God to speak into people’s lives today best finds opportunity when worship stands in the context of causal. Second, our music, interaction, and message from God’s Word seek to engage you into the dialogue with God. Therefore when you worship you are encourage to be whole-person involved and active as you are comfortable doing. We are not wild or jumping around in how we worship; we seek to be open to God’s leading while sensitive to the Holy Spirit prompting our expressions decently. Third, you will be encourage to laugh, get to know the people around you, and understand that God has something relevant he want for you to hear about on that day. Pastor Joel always begins his preparation with prayer and the “so what difference should this make in our lives” before speaking the Word to us. As he has said, “if God’s Word didn’t change how I’m suppose to think or live, then how can I expect to speak with any realness about how God wants to change anyone else”?

We laugh, we think, we question, and we allow for God to do His work in us during the time of worship. Fourth, there are always these parts in every worship time - Worship & songs; Prayer & reflection; Giving of Gifts & receiving of Grace; and central - The teaching & truth from God’s Word for life.